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republican governors, texas, south carolina, louisiana, who have said that they're not going to take florida, who are saying they're not going to take the medicaid money. politico added it up and we found this means one in five of the people who would have been eligible for additional coverage under obamacare, now are not. there's a bunch more governors still looking at it. >> what's the justification? for opting out? >> they're saying we've been given the chance by the supreme court to get free one thing from washington, we're going to do it virginia governor bob mcdonnell is thinking about it. another big state -- >> you could potentially have 26 governors, democrats say that won't happen -- >> what does that mean? >> it's half the country would not be buying in. you know, theoretically the whole thing works because of scale and if you don't have the size of people getting into those exchanges air got a real problem. >> they were counting on those states, all states, participating so when you had the 26 states sue, and then win on that point, on the medicaid point, then all of a sudden you
meters winning that gold medal in world record time. dana vollmer, the 24-year-old from texas. also in the pool, the men's 4 x 100 relay. the americans had the lead. michael phelps swam a great second leg. ryan lochte went into the pool as the lead and was caught by the frenchman. so the french take the gold there and the americans settle for silver. lochte won the gold against phelps a couple days ago but cooped ho couldn't hold on in the anchor leg. team usa beating up on france. france had tony parker, but that obviously wasn't enough. kevin durant 22 points, 9 rebounds. tomorrow they play tunisia. that should be a quick game there. jordyn wieber, the great american gymnast, expected by a lot of people maybe to win a gold medal here, will not even advance. she did not qualify to make the finals. you see her there in tears. she was defeated by aly raisman who, by the way, is her best friend. after advancing onto the finals, raisman also in tears. she felt so bad for wieber saying i know how bad she wanted this. wieber will get another shot in the women's team gymnastics final. fou
of the right wingers will refuse the money. let's look at texas, for example, that's a problem they have an enormous number of uninsured children and adults, 25% adults, 22% children and one of the best hospital teaching hospital systems in the united states. there's an amount of money which you're familiar with, so the viewers know it, called dish money, disproportionate share money, from the federal government to states, particularly to hospitals that have a lot of uncompensated care. well, as governor romney did in massachusetts, so did barack obama nationally. that money disappears with one exception. that money with one state's exception. that money disappears on the theory everybody is now going to be able to pay something. if all those poor people don't get medicaid and they don't qualify for insurance, the hospitals have to pick up that tab and they're going to lose all their federal money as a result of the law. so now, if you want -- if you're a bailer, which is a terrific medical institution, going to go to the state government and say you have got to put us in this program we
those presidential vacations is not as light a lift as some think. >> easier than being in waco, texas. >> you have to toggle back and forth between work and less work. the campaign aides aren't necessarily helpful in letting you know when you can cut loose. >> the romney family got some great shots yesterday. new polls show mitt romney and barack obama are in a closely contested fight for the presidency. the poll finds president obama leading mitt 49% to 46%, in other words, jump ball. the survey of 15 key battleground states shows mitt romney ahead by a wide margin, 51% to 43%, in contrast to last week's wall street journal poll which showed president obama in the lead by 8 points. cnn polled missouri, arizona and indiana, hence romney's margin. the cnn orc poll also shows the country's deeply divided in the supre court's ruling to uphold president obama's health care bill. 50% agree with the justices' decision, while 49% disagree. 52% of those polled, most or all of the parts of affordable care act. what was that? back that up. i don't understand that. how is that written? 52% of th
, but i think you're interesting. >> i'm scared. >> i think you're from texas or something, but there was something -- an old saying that the frog didn't get up on the post by accident. >> the turtle. >> the turtle. >> you know it didn't get there by itself. >> if you see five boys that are great, decent men and see a wife and you see a family and you see grandkids, and you go, wow this is a remarkable family, it didn't happen by itself. >> think about all the conventions where we said they wiped the slate clean. remember al gore's speech and i mean it's a huge potential. >> i don't remember al gore's speech. i remember the -- >> i remember screaming in a room by myself. >> there's putting stuff on the table and then too much information. >> way too much. >> you know who this is good for, people who write books about the campaign. >> it is. >> yes, it is. yes, it is. >> but steve schmidt, i think we're going to see when we see the romney family, i mean that's the sort of thing where you roll it out at the convention, they seem to be -- romney's team seems to be laying back.
over away. starrs were announced yesterday. a lot of familiar faces on the al side. only new guy, texas catcher mike napoli. pablo sandoval will start at third base while catcher buster posy from the çgiants. outfielder milky cabrera will make their first all-star appearance. >> he's having a huge year. >> and the fourth national, in the final running -- >> i like harper. >> chipper jones, swan song. >> expand the roster. >> if you had a one year left -- >> think his numbers are not that interesting. he's an interesting guy to watch. >> it's too good of a story not to do. >> mike trout has made the al team as a reserve. his hitting is better than bryce. who is better? trout or harp center. >> trout. >> is he a better hitter? >> it's a clown question. >> alex wagner coming up huge. >> i have nothing. >> trout is a legitimate 5-2 player. trout is faster. he has a better arm. has more power. >> in terms of longevity i don't know he's thicker. mike trout traveled to canada to take on the blue jays. rodney davis had some trouble getting out of his glove and trout takes advantage. he makes
in little rock, arkansas. today is another day from 105 to 110 from texas to oklahoma through arkansas, even kansas city is still on the hot side, near 100 degrees. here's the forecast for how hot it will be. oklahoma city today, 108 degrees. ouch. what an end to july. you're watching "morning joe" brewed by starbucks. hangers. those ideas that start with us rolling up our sleeves... ...and end with a new favorite room in the house. and when we can save even more on those kinds of projects... ...with advice to make them even better... ...that's a game-changer in itself. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. get this all in one vanity, faucet, and hardware for just $249. as the world around it. with the available lexus enform app suite, you can use opentable to make restaurant reservations. during the golden opportunity sales event, get great values on some of our newest models. this is the pursuit of perfection. >>> welcome back to "morning joe." a skyline shot of new york city on this last day of july. let's look at the morning papers and start with the "boston globe.
of an inarticulate texas governor into a two-term president the strategist is reengineering the practice of partisan money management in the hopes of drumming barack obama out of the white house. also joining the table the former ceo and chairman of playboy enterprises, kristy hefners well. michael steele and mike barnicle with us as well. curious about what's in the tax returns or do you think you know already? >> i don't think we know. when mitt romney says the american people aren't interested, they are interested in a lot of stuff. we spend a lot of time looking at these guys. 18 months where we are passively engaged and three or four where we are actively engaged. to say people aren't interested usually means people are interested. >> is anyone here mildly interested at all in his response to brian's question when asked about the tax return. the question is there are people who think perhaps there are years you paid no income taxes at all. your initial reaction, at least mine would be if i were a candidate for president would be to say, there are no years i paid no taxes. he didn't address it a
with the forecast. phil? >> another summer day rolling in. before we get there, down along the texas coast, along with louisiana, the beaumont area to port arthur, flash flood warnings. we people trapped in their homes. they've had thunderstorms sitting over the top of them for the last three hours, and it's just not moving. the west coast actually dealing with a little bit of rain this morning, too. we don't get a lot of that, but from phoenix to tucson, north carolina had rain early today. we have afternoon thunderstorms in the southeast. now let me take you to your weekend forecast. notice, it's pretty warm everywhere. typical for the middle of summer. i don't think there's going to be too many washouts. most of the storms will be in and out in half an hour. it's not going to change any of your beach or lake plans. same goes for sunday, although we could see some of those stronger storms around new york city on sunday. notice we're not seeing extreme temperatures out there. no tornadoes in the forecast, either, so it looks like a pretty nice summer weekend. we leave you with a shot of an area
. the president will hold four fundraising events in texas as obama takes aim at the record at town hall and pennsylvania. he'll be greeted by the new obama ad. this time asking if romney and the unreleased years, quote, paid any taxes at all. >> tax havens offshore accounts, carried interest. mitt rom any has used every trick in the book. romney admits that in the last three years he's paid -- we don't know because romney has released just one full year of his tax returns and won't release anything before 2010. >> i have put out as much as we're going to put out. >> what is mitt romney hiding? >> it will not die, the taxes story and mitt romney, the president will not let it and he was back in ohio yet for his eighth trip to the state thi
the texas coast, along wit louiana,he bumonreao po arur, flalood rnin. weeopl traedn tir home theye hathunrss siing er t topfhemor theast ree hours, and it's just not moving. the west coast actually dealing with a little bit of rain ts morning, too. we don't get a lot of th, bu omhoen totuon, nth roli had rai eartoda weave ternn thdersrms the soheas now t me tak you to yr weekd focast tice, it's pretty warm everywhere. typical for the middle of summer. i don't think there's going to be too many washouts. mostf thstor wilbe i and t inalfn hour it not gng to cnge af ur bchr leplan sa goe f ndaylthoh cou seeome tho stngertormarou nework ty onday notice we're not seein extreme temperatures out there. no tornadoes in the forecast, either, so it looks like a pretty nice summer weekend. we lea you withhot on areahat doe'tsual see a lot ra. ere som shors i t cini. th mak f a ssy, mes rning commute. you're watching "morning joe" brewed by starbuck's. ♪ acotic itarupbe ] [ do] we fnd itogeer. on wal wal wal ve twalk yeah, we found that wonderful thing. and you smiled. and threw it. and i
♪ rocky, rocky mountain high ♪ ♪ all my exes live in texas born on the bayou [ female announcer ] the perfect song for everywhere can be downloaded almost anywhere. ♪ i'm back, back in the new york groove ♪ [ male announcer ] the nation's largest 4g network. covering 2,000 more 4g cities and towns than verizon. rethink possible. >>> good morning. it's 8:00 on the east coast, 5:00 a.m. on the west coast. time to wake up as you take a live look at new york city. we have mike, dan, harold ford and steve rhettner. we have a new issue, an old one being revived by democrats and republicans and i hope this time the president follows through on it. he will push for a one-year extension for bush era tax cuts for people making under $250,000. the move is on the heels of friday's disappointing jobs report which we will get to again as republicans pushed to extend the tax cuts for the middle and upper class. they framed tax strategy as one of the key differences between the president and mitt romney. >> we know what tax breaks and tax cuts for the wealthy and financial regulations mean.
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... bloomington, california... austin, texas... we are all here to represent the country we love. this is for everyone back home. it's go time. across america, we're all committed to team usa. >>> dan, what did you learn today? >> that brian sullivan can co-host "morning joe" and if you didn't see the promos, he has a show thursday night on nbc sports. three shows, three networks, one week. >> you wouldn't know that by watching -- >> you're awesome. >> brian, what did you learn? >> dan's a.wesome. you took a lot of heat today, my friend. >> you did well with a volume thing. >> harold? >> that what he does better than anything, he gives a better defense of mitt romney than his tax plan. >> you're done. you can go now, okay? thank you very much. turn and walk away. no, it never well. okay. if it's way too early, it's "morning joe." sam, you're going to kill me. i'm sorry. sam? >> if you're a treasury department official, don't go on craigslist and buy a prostitute. you might get caught. >> very good advice. >> very practical. >> i always knew you were a practical boy. okay, if it's
. south carolina... bloomington, california... austin, texas... we are all here to represent the country we love. this is for everyone back home. it's go time. across america, we're all committed to team usa. between taking insulin and testing my blood sugar... is this part of your life? freestyle lite test strips? why, are they any... beep! wow, that hardly needs any blood! yeah... and the unique zipwik tab targets the blood and pulls it in. so easy. freestyle lite needs just a third the blood of onetouch ultra. really? yep, which is great for people who use insulin and test a lot. max and i are gonna run out and get them right now. or you can call or click today and get strips and a meter free. test easy. >>> you see young people who have come in and just two days ago or 36 hours ago or even 24 hours ago, it wasn't certain whether they'd make it, and now suddenly, their eyes are open. they're alert and they're talking. and it reminds you that even in the darkest of days, you know, life continues. and people are strong. and people bounce back. and people are resilient. >> good morning.
, namely, and governor scott complain that the medicaid costs, governor perry of texas, saying they want to opt out of the medicaid provisions provided for in the health care bill and the supreme court decided upon, you touch on medicaid prominently in the report, are the medicaid provisions or do the medicaid provision this is this health care law, will they cost states more money and did you find that in your reporter, governor ravitch? if so, what is the answer to that, governors democrats and republicans suggesting there's a problem. >> under the health care bill which i think is a good bill for states, the health care costs on medicaid, up front, the federal government covers it the states have to pick up the slack, and it's going to be hard for that to happen. what's irresponsible is for some governors to say until the election is over and we repeal the obama care, that we're not going to opt in to some of these medicaid provisions. that's going to hurt a lot of people. in my state, a lot of kids, lot of disabled people, seniors are under medicaid. so that doesn't make sense. so, t
about johnson. we talked about fdr, both of whom -- johnson used to follow texas school board results to relax. and fdr used to worry about who is going to be the post master in akron. he loved that. i do think bill clinton ranks with that group. and he just -- his -- the vital force and to go to arianna's point, exactly right, one of the curious things about president obama actually, which is he doesn't seem to love this. and bill clinton, you never doubted, you may have doubted lots of things about bill clinton, but the fact he liked his job was not one of them. >> that's actually very interesting. we do not have president obama on our list of 50 people. we do not have a sitting president and our reasoning is that he has the highest intentions, but he does not seem to have the will to manifest them. and the will to manifest the intentions good or bad is at the heart of being a political animal. in fact, we included martin luther king which may seem surprising because as well as being this incredible visionary and idealist, he was a masterful tactician. the montgomery busboy could th
Search Results 0 to 30 of about 31 (some duplicates have been removed)